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LWV Transformation Roadmap

Over the past two years, in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the League's founding, national and state leaders have engaged in a process of self-reflection, environmental scanning, hard discussions, and tough decisions related to the continued relevance and health of the League network. LWVUS has published a "Transformation Roadmap" that includes specific action steps to be implemented. It is a synthesis of many threads of work, including input from Leagues across the country, interviews with internal and external stakeholders, review of the larger nonprofit environment and the professional expertise of consulting firms.

The League undertakes this Transformation process at a critical time. There is an opportunity for greater mission impact given an energized public, the League's sound reputation, and the compelling need for its work. Taking advantage of the opportunity requires the League to look both within and outside itself to understand the operating (and competitive) environment in which it works along with its own capacity and will to change.

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